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First real FPV with my Bixler plane!

Yesterday I did my first real FPV flights with my Bixler! It was a blast! A few things I learned: People are right when they say the Gopro isn’t good for FPV. It’s really bad in low light conditions and...


Hobby King Bixler Powered Glider

A while back I bought a Bixler powered glider at Hobby King. I bought the kit, so could swap out all the inferior components that come in the ARF (almost ready to fly kit). It had been laying there, carefully...


void discotheque()

I wrote a little “discotheque” function for my quadcopter. Watch out for UFO alerts! It currently has 4 patterns and I can flip through them using the channel 7 switch on my DX7 remote control.In the Off position, all leds...