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DIY GPS Logger

gps logger closedI need a GPS logger, don’t have one, don’t want to buy one, so let’s build one! I have all the necessary parts, so let’s start!

1. What do I want?

I need a device that logs location, speed and course on an SD card. I could use my Android phone to do this, but the GPS would drain the battery within the hour. So let’s build a dedicated device.

Because it won’t have a display, it needs to have a way to show if it has a GPS fix. It needs to run on a 3s lipo (11,1v) for as long as possible (preferably >12 hours), but I also want it to warn me when the battery voltage gets too low because lipo’s should never be discharged below 3v per cell (9v total) or they get damaged.

All that must fit in a waterproof case. Why waterproof? That will be clear in a future post 🙂

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How to charge a LiPo with the Ultramat 14 Plus

Last weekend, at a skirm in The Chambers, I met someone who was having trouble setting up his Ultramat 14 Plus charger for charging LiPo’s. So this is for him and other people having trouble with it.



I wrote a little “discotheque” function for my quadcopter. Watch out for UFO alerts!

It currently has 4 patterns and I can flip through them using the channel 7 switch on my DX7 remote control.
In the Off position, all leds are permanently on. A quick Off-On (< 1 sec) changes the pattern, a longer flip (> 1 sec) continues the pattern where it left off.

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