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DIY GPS Logger

I need a GPS logger, don’t have one, don’t want to buy one, so let’s build one! I have all the necessary parts, so let’s start! 1. What do I want? I need a device that logs location, speed and course on an SD card. I could use my Android phone to do this, but […]

How to charge a LiPo with the Ultramat 14 Plus

Last weekend, at a skirm in The Chambers, I met someone who was having trouble setting up his Ultramat 14 Plus charger for charging LiPo’s. So this is for him and other people having trouble with it.    

I wrote a little “discotheque” function for my quadcopter. Watch out for UFO alerts!

It currently has 4 patterns and I can flip through them using the channel 7 switch on my DX7 remote control.
In the Off position, all leds are permanently on. A quick Off-On (< 1 sec) changes the pattern, a longer flip (> 1 sec) continues the pattern where it left off.

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