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How to fix the display backlight of the MOTU 828 mkII

The MOTU 828 mkII

The MOTU 828 mkII

Last week I scored a second hand MOTU 828 mkII external soundcard for just €100. The reason why the seller wanted to part from the unit for such a low price was a “broken screen”. Initially I thought that the whole screen was broken, as in not displaying any info at all. But coming home and plugging it in, I noticed the screen still worked, but it had no backlight. Continue reading

The making of my Tomorrowland LedHat

Last weekend I went to Tomorrowland 2013. I got the ticket months ago, in February. Ever since, I had been thinking about building something to stand out, something involving LEDs and an Arduino. As usual, I only decided what to build the day before the festival! I went to the mall and found a hat in discount. This would become my Tomorrowland LedHat 🙂

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I wrote a little “discotheque” function for my quadcopter. Watch out for UFO alerts!

It currently has 4 patterns and I can flip through them using the channel 7 switch on my DX7 remote control.
In the Off position, all leds are permanently on. A quick Off-On (< 1 sec) changes the pattern, a longer flip (> 1 sec) continues the pattern where it left off.

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