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Dutch-German Quadcopter and Planes Meeting – FPV

Some guys from the OpenPilot forum decided to have a meeting to fly our variety of crafts. We decided on a spot in Belgium, in the town of Kelmis, close to the German and Dutch border. It was an incredibly fun day!

I wrote a little “discotheque” function for my quadcopter. Watch out for UFO alerts!

It currently has 4 patterns and I can flip through them using the channel 7 switch on my DX7 remote control.
In the Off position, all leds are permanently on. A quick Off-On (< 1 sec) changes the pattern, a longer flip (> 1 sec) continues the pattern where it left off.

First flight with GoPro Hero HD – UNCUT

Today I did some flights with my quadcopter, for the first time with a GoPro Hero HD (720p; 60 fps). It’s mounted with a handlebar mount. This is the uncut version. A nicer one will be uploaded later. The altitude shots are as high as I dare to go without FPV live feed. At that […]

My quadcopter caught on film

I finally got my quadcopter tuned enough, and flying skills to a satisfying level, that I had my girlfriend film me while doing some flights. It’s nothing overly exciting for now, since it’s still way too heavy to do any tricks. It’s filmed on a patch of grass enclosed by flats and houses, so I […]

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